This page is reserved for photos of Awana events and Special Occasions. If you have any pictures in digital file form that  you have taken and would like to add them to this page then please email those images to us. When sending images to us please use the following guidelines:
  • Please limit your submissions to 5 unless approved in advance.
  • Always send information along with the images i.e. the name of the event and date, who took the photos, and names if applicable.
  • If your Digital Files are large, please consider reducing the file size for ease when emailing and so that the images will take up less space on the website.
  • When you send images of others we must assume that you have made each person is aware that you are sending their image to us and that they approve of their image being posted on this website. If you have any doubt or believe a person may not approve of their images being posted here then please DO NOT send that file. Its best to get permission first when others are involved and it is the only Legal way to post images of others. 
  • Some images submitted may not be used for various reasons. If that happens then please do not take it personally.
  • Images may be removed from time to time without notice to make room for more images.

Thanks for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing your photos.