As your Awana Missionaries, we are not in the so called "Fundraising" Business and we honestly wish we would never even have to bring it up. However, without the funds each month we would not be able to carry out the ministry God has called us to do. So with that said we simply ask that you please consider partnering with us in our Awana MInistry. By doing so you are investing in the lives and futures of children and their families in your Northwest Georgia area. Your Gift will allow us to continue sharing and teaching the Gospel of Jesus to those that desperately need to hear it. No gift is too small so please pray and earnestly consider what you can do financially to share with us in this ministry. Your Gift is Tax Deductible and is under the direct supervision of Awana Headquarters, so you can feel Safe and Secure as you give..

Thank you very much,
Brian + Carolyn Crowe, Your NW Georgia Missionaries

(Please note that you will be making a donation through PayPal which is a highly reputable and secure On-Line Money Transfer company. YOU DO NOT NEED A PayPal Account TO DONATE. All you need is your credit card information.)

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A Special  Unsolicited Note From John Godfrey NW GA AWANA Webmaster:

Did you know that your Awana Missionaries are 100% Faith Based and that support for this wonderful children's ministry depends on financial gifts from churches, groups, and individuals? Outside of the local church, I know of no other organization that strives to build such a solid Biblical foundation in our children.

If the programs and outreach of Awana, and the missionaries that God has called to work with your children have been a help and a blessing to you, won't you consider supporting their mission financially if you can? No gift is too small, so I would ask that you prayerfully consider offering your support as a church, a Sunday School Class or other Church Organization, or even as an Individual as God leads you.

You may have not even known that your Awana Missionaries are "faith based" and that each month they must raise the funds for all of their expenses (i.e.) fuel to get the churches, motels when necessary and meals while traveling, supplies, tires, auto repairs,  printing cost, and even insurance to be able to travel. Sometimes funds are low, but they still "go" because they love God, they love children, and they want to reach as many for Christ as they can. So please won't you consider either a one time gift, or you may even consider continued monthly support. I know it will bless you greatly to know that you're a part of this family and children's ministry.

Be assured that I have not been asked or encouraged in any way to place this note on the website. Neither Brian or Carolyn were informed in advance that I've placed it here. However I personally felt that you would want to know that your support is needed to carry on this great work. You may simply use the "DONATE" button above. You may also feel secure that All Awana Donations are under the direct supervision of Awana Headquarter. You can be confident that your support will be helping children in your area and Northwest Georgia.. You can be a part of this great ministry!

Please read Brian and Carolyn's testimony on the "About" link above. Thank you and may God Bless you,

John Godfrey Northwest GA Awana webmaster