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Brian Crowe


 "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth"

3 John 1.4

NEW! To Our Awana Team. Here are a couple of video links that we hope you will set aside a little time to watch:

The first video is "Together We Move". If you are looking for a fresh way to add life to your Awana Program then please take a look at this informative video. Click this link "TOGETHER WE MOVE" 

Next, please watch these interviews and testimonies from Prisoners that are serving sentences in the Angola Maximum Security Prison in Louisiana. This link consist of several short videos that will speak to the most important issues of life by some of the men who are paying a huge price for making what they would admit are wrong choices. Please take the time to watch these videos as these men share from from their heart inside the prison walls. Click this link  "ANGOLA PRISON TESTIMONIES"


What? You've never heard of Awana? Watch this short video and learn what we are all about!

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